Todays’ employee demands more of the ways in which his/her workplace provides access to knowledge. Learning should be relevant, involving, useful and fun.

Employees want to be engaged and activated through exploration, interaction and cooperation.

Organizations will experience an increasing demand on their ability to acquire new knowledge. The basis for learning is changing from controlled and structured courses to more chaotic, individual and free digital learning environments.

What do we offer?

We are all about using digital tools to create new and innovative learning environments that combine analogue and digital learning styles.

Through consultancy, production, and technological development, we provide the optimum foundation for a solid (digital) learning environment in your organization.


We are the market leader in Denmark within digital learning solutions to both the public and the private sector.
Our main focus is the creation of flexible, engaging and effective learning solutions – using audio visual means, such as video, speak, animation, graphics, hand-drawn videos and 3D. We integrate gaming elements and analogue training sessions in blended learning programs.
We manage the entire development process from the identification of learning needs to learning roll-out and follow-up. We develop learning elements using your favorite e-learning tool - Articulate, Captivate or other technologies.


Choosing the right technological approach for digital learning is essential for success! We help you navigate the digital landscape – such as challenges related to mobile units, media standards, software versions and distribution platforms. We have the technical competencies to support your organization whether you want to use the existing IT infrastructure or set up a new LMS, a new intranet or other web platforms.

We are technical experts in digital learning technologies – including hosting options such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and e-learning tools such as Captivate and Articulate Storyline.